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Rules suck! We know... but we have to lay down some simple ones.


  • Before you can place objects into your new home, you will need an invite to the "[BT] Residents" group (THIS IS NOT THE SAME AS THE "BOYSTOWN INFO GROUP"). You should automatically receive an invite as soon as you pay the box from our rental bot. If he fails to give you and invite or you need to invite your partner to the group you should be able to request another tag automatically via your freshly paid rental box.

  • Rent should be paid into the rental box on your unit. Payments can be made either by you or a friend.

  • Please pay rent if you're extending your lease BEFORE it is due. If rent goes overdue, we will be forced to return your items to your "lost and found" folder and re-advertise the unit right away.

  • No refunds are given for unoccupied rental periods, Sorry. BUT if you are looking to move to another location in Boystown we would be more than happy to move you.

We have set these rules to make sure we keep up a professional and clean look.

We reserve the right to remove anyone from the sim for any reason with no refund. For instance too many neighbor complaints, excessive lagging of sim, harassing anyone in anyway.

Please adhere to these guidelines in order to help reduce lag, keep the area looking nice, and keep things running smoothly for everyone:

  • Keep ALL objects in your home - make sure that your prims/builds do not go though walls, ceilings, or windows.

  • If you accidentally lose something in a wall, window, etc, contact a [BT] moderator for help in removing the prim.

  • No solicitations to the residents or residents group (spam of any kind).

  • No selling or giving items at your apartment! Your home is not a shop or a club.

  • No scanners, sensors or scripts that may invade the privacy of others or lag sim.

  • No (constant) particle, fog, or poof scripts in any object.

  • No security scripts/devices, if you are being harassed IM a [BT] moderator and we will take care of it.

  • No invasion of other residents property, privacy or person unless invited.

  • Please stay within your prim limit. Exceeding the limit will mean that objects will be returned (with no warning) until you are within your limit.

  • No weapons or fight huds of any kind. If you are suspected of using them your items will be returned, and you will be ejected/banned from the sim FOR LIFE without refund.

  • Enjoy yourself, please treat residents of the sim, and people hanging out with respect.

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