Boystown Covenant



  • Ban-lines are NEVER permitted. Please use a security orb if you wish to control access to your land.
  • The Boystown community has an established theme and aesthetic. Our theme is suburban and modern. Anyone purchasing a parcel here must be willing to accept the landscaped theme. (Palms trees/tiki/sandy isn’t part of the aesthetic at this point.)
  • Sky boxes must be placed at a minimum of 900 meters and a maximum of 1200 meters.
  • Please read this covenant in its entirety before making any land purchases. There are no refunds.



Welcome to Boystown! We are excited that you are considering living in our community. The Boystown regions offer a variety of living arrangements for residences, including land parcels designed to fit your needs. This covenant contains a set of rules that will outline the expectations regarding tenants renting land parcels. Prior to purchasing land you will be prompted to fully agree with all these rules. If you feel that the rules in this covenant conflict with your expectations, please DO NOT buy any land. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us BEFORE you buy any land as ALL SALES ARE FINAL AND BINDING.


For any questions you may have related to land, the Boystown team will be there to help you, so feel free to contact us. We answer most issues within 24 hours. Contact: Lee McKay or Adham DeCuir


Boystown is a privately operated estate that is part of the Boystown Regions, therefore you do not need a premium account to own land with us. However you do need to pay a tier directly to Boystown. The tier is paid in-world through tier boxes located at each land parcel.

Boystown land rentals are strictly residential and NO other use is allowed. No renting or subletting of your parcel or home, no exceptions.

Boystown land is sold fully terraformed. Residents who wish to make terraforming adjustments to their parcels need to contact a member of the Boystown team. Housing structures may also be provided upon request; however these structures are non-transferable. Residents are responsible for maintaining the land in a manner consistent with the Boystown sims.

The Boystown community has an established theme and aesthetic. Our theme is suburban and modern. Anyone purchasing a parcel here must be willing to accept the landscaped theme. You are NOT allowed to intentionally return all objects! If there are community owned items you would like to return or extreme changes to your terrain you might like to make, please contact us PRIOR to making these changes. The general theme must remain and may only be altered only with prior approval. There are cases where prim may be shared between parcels for landscaping or design purposes. We reserve the right to require this where it contributes to the SIM as a community and would ask that you respect our community vision by accepting your share of any landscaping items on your parcel.

Landscaping must be suitable for the environment. Our community aesthetic is meant to evoke an suburban/urban feel. Should your landscaping be deemed unsuitable, you will be required to remove the offending items. Examples of unsuitable items include log cabins, tropical-themed items, castles, etc. If you are unsure, just ask a member of the Boystown team.

Your first tier payment should be paid IMMEDIATELY (within 15 minutes) after the purchase of your land. If you can’t find your tierbox, contact us right away. Minimum tier payment is 2 weeks. You can pre-pay additional weeks as well.

All tiers are paid ON or BEFORE the due date. After 2 days, Boystown reserve the right to reclaim the land and return all objects on the plot.

The tierbox will start messaging you 3 days before the due date. You can also left click your tierbox to verify how much time you have remaining. In any case you are the sole responsible of keeping your tier in good standing.

As soon as you pay the rent box the first time, our bot will invite you to the Boystown Resident Group. It is at your own discretion to become a member of the group or not, but please bear in mind that it is through this group that we communicate with the residents, so if you don’t become a member, you won’t be able to receive important notices.

The tier is not refundable and any negative or positive balance is credited to the next owner.

The tierboxes should be visible and easily accessible at all times, so do not build on top of them as they are outside your property line.


Respect the TOS of Second Life and the covenant of the estate.

Respect the Boystown staff because they are here to help you. No inappropriate conduct will be tolerated.

In case you use a security system, you should issue at least a 30 seconds warning before taking action. Make sure you DO NOT teleport people home; just push them gently out of your property. If a security system does not comply with these rules, it will be returned without warning.

Scripts causing lag or anything that lowers significantly the fps of the viewer will be returned without warning.

  • Absolutely NO temporary rezzers.
  • All objects on your land must be rezzed in an orderly fashion, no items just thrown out on the parcel. Keep our community looking good.
  • No rotating or flashing signs or structures.
  • No shouting objects.
  • No spy or listening devices.
  • No consensual or un-consensual use of weapons.
  • No sexually explicit content in public view.
  • Harassment or abuse of any kind will not be tolerated.

In case of disagreement, the final arbiter is the estate manager.


Mesh homes should be purchased from a professional home builder on the marketplace or inworld. Prim built homes of the past are no longer allowed.

  • One main structure (house) per plot.
  • Keep all your objects INSIDE your property lines.
  • Skyboxes and other flying objects must be placed above 900 meters and below 1200 meters.
  • The buildings on your land must be at least 4m away from the borders of your parcel. If the border is underwater, the main building should be at least 4m away from the edge of the ground.
  • The maximum height of the building cannot exceed the 15m. For buildings taller than that contact the estate manager.
  • The size of the house should be proportionate to the land and cannot take up the entire lot. Leave enough space around your house for trees and bushes.
  • The style should blend in with the environment (i.e. you can’t live in a medieval castle, log cabin, or tropical island). Keep in style with the theme. If you have any doubts, please contact us.
  • Your land cannot be used as a sandbox or a construction site.
  • Keep your land tidy always. If your area is normally full of clutter, please use a closed skybox for that purpose.
  • Maintain rich mesh vegetation on your land. In case you decide to live in a sky house, the land beneath it should be planted with trees and shrubs ALWAYS.
  • No custom grass textures in your lot in place of the current terraformed texture. If you need the grass texture that is on the land and can’t find it, please ask for it.
  • No eyesores. If you are asked to replace your house, please do so within a reasonable time, even if you are the proud builder of it.
  • If you have doubts about your house being acceptable, send a snapshot to [Lee McKay] or [Divos Titanium] BEFORE you buy your land.
  • No full-bright builds and objects.


Land is provided as is to residents. We do our best to provide a pleasant environment but we cannot guarantee a particular view or a particular spot of the sim on the grid; we can only guarantee a generally mature land.


Our aim is to create a community of high standards of living and this covenant is meant to set the general guidelines for Boystown residences. Since it is not possible to foresee all the problems that may arise, we will address each problem on a case-per-case basis. In all cases the final arbiter is the estate manager.

Boystown reserves the right to change this covenant at any time for any reason.


The Boystown Team