What’s the deal with…

Frequently asked questions about Boystown SL.

  • Who's allowed where in Boystown?

    Generally speaking, all friendly to the LGBTQ+ community are welcome to enjoy the many events, activities, and beautiful photo opportunities our regions have to offer.

    95% of the Boystown regions are unrestricted to avatar appearance with the exception of Steamworkz, our (18+) “male only” bathhouse and resort, designed to simulate the experience of real world gay bathhouses. Because of this your avatar must appear as an adult male to be allowed in this safe-space created for men by men.

    While we invite everyone to explore the streets, fairways, public pool, coffee house, and the many hidden interactive areas within Boystown, we ask that visitors respect the privacy of our residents. Residential plots and homes are private in their entirety. Guests must be welcomed into these areas by the residents who rent and reside in them.

  • Who is allowed to rent land/lease a home in Boystown?

    Anyone! We welcome anyone who is friendly to the community to join the community. We request that you follow all rules listed in the Boystown Covenant if you plan on renting here.

  • Do you have waiting lists for renting a desired parcel or home?

    We currently do not have a waiting list for homes or parcels, BUT!.. if you click the rent box located at any unit you can request the box to notify you if the space becomes available in the future.

  • What if I want to move my home/land from one Boystown parcel to another?

    If you see another home or parcel come available but you already live with us – don’t worry! We’ll convert any time you have at your current location to a new location that you’ve rented. Just pay the new location box and contact the [BT] Rental Manager, Lee McKay, to move your remaining time from your old location to your new location. Please move all your items from your old location before contacting Lee, as he will reset your old space to be re-rented.

  • Can I get more prims for my rental or land?

    Additional prim availability depends on the region your home is on. Upgrading to a higher prim allowances is possible in some cases but not always. Contact the [BT] Rental Manager, Lee McKay, to inquire about upgrading your prim count.

  • I rent here already, can my partner get a residents group tag?

    Sure! If you’re already a current renter in Boystown just click your rent box and add your partner to the box, the bot should send your partner an invite to the [BT] Residents group shorty after you do.

    Just note that if you rent land you aren’t required a residents tag to rez since the land is in your own name.

  • I want to allow my partner or friends to rez on my land or set their home to my land?

    If you want to let other people add prims to your own land, or set their home to your land, you must deed the land that is currently set to your name — to your own group. For information about deeding land to a group check out the Second Life community help guide here.

    NOTE: If you rent an apartment, brownstone, dockhome, or container home you do not need to deed anything to the land. The land is already set to the Boystown Residents group.

  • I'm a Blogger or Photographer, can I take photos in Boystown?

    Absolutely! Boystown has a plethora of fully decorated public locations. Everything from sandy shores, serene lakes, wooded trails, and city streets. Make sure to visit us in the autumn for fall leaves and in the winter for snowy scapes and the frozen pond ice rink. Need a blogger tag to rezz? Hit up Adham DeCuir and ask. We would love if you could credit the region on your photo, and let us know so we can share it on our socials too!

  • Are you hiring? I need a job!

    We’re always looking to elevate members of the community to leadership roles. If we having something available it will be listed on our jobs page.