Steamworkz Team Info

Hello! Here’s a brief checklist for the hosts (and in some cases DJs) at Steamworkz.

  1. Toggle [BT] Employee group and login to your host tip-jar.
    Decide how you want to be notified when you receive a tip with the pop-up.
  2. Toggle *** STEAMWORKZ – MEN’S RESORT *** group so your tag shows “SW ✚ Hot Host”
  3. Use the “[URW]_HUD” to turn on the party lights.
    Enter ID code: 797979 upon first-time setup.
    Changing the colors is fine, but do not change light positions or they can break.
    [URW]_HUD can be purchased for L$10 on the marketplace if you don’t have it.

    To turn on the lights in each location:
    • Pier: SET 1 -> FX LASER Ai500 & SET 1 -> FX MHEAD Ai100
    • Pool: SET 2 -> FX SCAN Ai100 & SET 2 -> FX MHEAD Ai100
    • Campground: SET 3 -> FX MHEAD Ai100
    • Beach: Don’t adjust these lights. Leave them on.

4. Create your notices. We’ve had success with the format below:


PARTY NAME w/DJ NAME at Steamworkz


DJ NAME – Hosted by NAME
DATE @ #pm-#pm SLT
URL to location (found below)
Please accept the Boystown Experience so we can get you to the party!

Steamworkz is an adult male-only resort
[ Info about Boystown]


Here is an example of a notice shown in the group notices section:

SLURLs to location:
Use the same SLURL for all parties. The Boystown Experience will teleport guests to the appropriate venue:

Attach the LM that reads “Steamworkz Bathhouse & Resort… for Guys into Guys” to all notices UNLESS using a party poster.

If you write your own notice, you must include “Steamworkz is an adult male-only resort”

Be mindful that some people will not accept the Experience and will be “stuck” in the lounge. It’s helpful to keep an eye on this location and offer a teleport to anyone who seems lost, but try not to annoy anyone that is there for the bathhouse.

5. Send your notices to the following groups (copy/paste links into a chat window):


b. [BT] Boystown Info Group
*One notice only; no pre-notice or halftime.

c. Any additional LGBTQ+ party/notice groups you may have suitable for this event. Below are some suggestions though you may need to IM group admins or officers for posting privileges (copy/paste links into a chat window):




GAY List


Need help? Got questions? Give Lee McKay or Peach Treat a shout in-world or find us in the Boystown Discord: