Who’s allowed where in Boystown?

Generally speaking, all friendly to the LGBTQ+ community are welcome to enjoy the many events, activities, and beautiful photo opportunities our regions have to offer. Most of the Boystown regions are A rated, and your avatar and you must follow SL’s rules on A rated regions.

95% of the Boystown regions are unrestricted to avatar appearance with the exception of Steamworkz, our (18+) adult male-only bathhouse and resort, designed to simulate the experience of real world gay bathhouses. Because of this your avatar must appear as an adult male to be allowed in this safe-space created for men by men.

While we invite everyone to explore the streets, fairways, public pool, coffee house, and the many hidden interactive areas within Boystown, we ask that visitors respect the privacy of our residents. Residential plots and homes are private in their entirety. Guests must be welcomed into these areas by the residents who rent and reside in them.